Marvin and Anne Whiteman - Red Bluff, California

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Scenes and Sights of Interest

This sign is at the entrance to Lassen Park. There are two "Gateways" to Lassen. One is from the Red Bluff side, the other from Redding. At the Red Bluff entrance you are greeted with the Chalet area, then the steam vents about a mile and a half later.

Snowy Lake ... Lassen

When you enter from the Red Bluff side, you are greeted with magnificent views. Bring your camera!

There are hikes to take into Bumpus Hell (with mud pots and steam vents) or to the top of Mount Lassen, the peak. Even in late July you encounter some snow, but don't worry. You can be wearing shorts and still be comfortable.

You may see bear or deer. The rule is, don't take anything in the park but photographs. Leave the lava rocks, leaves, and other natural items for others to see and enjoy!

Of course, you will get a clear view of Lassen Peak from the middle of Red Bluff.

Link to Lassen Park information and pictures

The drive to Lassen Park (Chalet entrance) is about 45 miles from Red Bluff. The terrain changes dramatically as you ascend. Once in the park, there is a chance you will find snow even in the summer. Many tourists are seen playing in the snow in their shorts and summer clothing. Red Bluff does not get snow very often, and then only a small dusting. So we travel a brief distance to visit snow!